Pesto is where developers go to build their career path for the next 5 years

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Why join Pesto?

Why not join Pesto?

Life at Pesto

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First, let us introduce ourselves 🙌🏼

The world is getting smaller

The world is remote. With this changing world, developers need to adapt - collaboration & communication is a challenge. Most developers struggle with finding what’s next in their careers, it’s difficult to go through the clutter & make a decision about the future - that’s where we come in!

Pesto removes the unknown unknowns in the lives of developers. We do this by making them go through a 6-month program in which we give them exposure to the concepts of product, design & business apart from just engineering. This helps them make many better-informed decisions or land better jobs in the direction they choose.

Pesto is building Product Engineers who are ready for the jobs of tomorrow!

Pesto is the most efficient way to find what’s next in your tech career. As a developer, you iron out your technical concepts & get the cultural context that helps you succeed on the job.

Pesto shares a different perspective ****for developers - the program helps them learn about product, design & business apart from just engineering. This helps them perform much better on the job & have an edge over the market.

Good developers love that because they don't just get a significantly higher-paying job but they also get to work on challenging problems with people from different cultures coming together. Pesto developers are able to collaborate much more efficiently as a result of this.

Why you should join Pesto?

We’re a very lean team & hiring only a select few. There are certain values we live by & we wouldn’t want to waste your time in case you’re not a fit. We’re sharing some of our values below.

We pay well

We are demanding & it’s only fair we pay what people deserve. If you can create value, we’ll make sure we take care of you.

Stock Options

We reward everyone with stocks who join us early - our esops policies are most employee-friendly.


Some people enjoy taking responsibility, some don’t. If you enjoy taking up challenges & making the ends meet - this is the right place for you.

Talent Density

We have very high ownership & accountability in our culture - we only hire people we’d enjoy working with both professionally & personally.

Why you should not join Pesto?

We believe no one is a bad/good employee - we want to make sure you enjoy working at Pesto & everyone else enjoys working with you as well. Here are some things you may not like if you’re not a fit.